Most of the investors at brokerages usually get dinged with trading fees whenever they purchase and sell ETFs, stocks, or any other financial instrument. The fees can be quite high getting to $9.99 for every trade. This is known to put off many self-directed investors. Wealthsimple Trade is considered to be one of the best […]

wealthsimple trade

In 2019, JD Power gave Disnat (Desjardins online brokerage) the pole position in the customer satisfaction category. Hence it joined the ranks of the best Canadian stock brokers in 2021. Disnat trading platform is ideal for both beginners and experienced traders. Further, if you’re between the age of 18-30, you will enjoy some incentives created to motivate […]

wealthsimple trade

What Are Bonds and How to Invest in Them?

What are the benefits of investing in Canadian bonds?