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Walmart Mastercard credit card: A Detailed Review

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If you reside in North America, there’s a good chance you’ve been to Walmart, whether you like it or not. The store’s prominence and the range of products it offers are evident in any case. It’s hardly surprising that the store provides credit cards aimed at its most devoted customers. But is it worth it? Let’s find out!

Walmart offers two types of Mastercard; The Walmart Reward Mastercard, and the Walmart Reward World Mastercard

Key facts about this card:

 Walmart Reward MastercardWalmart Reward World Mastercard
Annual rate:  0$0$
Annual Interest Rate:  19.89%19.89%
Type of reward:  Store cashbackStore cashback
Reward detail:  Earn 1.25% at any physical Walmart stores and online (Walmart.ca). Earn 1% in Walmart Reward Dollars for all purchases at gas stations and other merchants.    Earn 3% online (Walmart.ca)Earn 1.25% at the gas station and at any physical Walmart storeEarn 1% anywhere else
Income requiredAny income can applyHousehold annual income of 100,000+

Benefits of the Walmart Reward Mastercard:

The first benefit is that you can earn up to $25 in Walmart Reward Dollars as a welcome gift. When you use the card for at least two purchases during the first 30 days of account activation, you will get the first $15. When you sign up for electronic statements, you will receive an extra $10.

Another great advantage is that you are eligible for the “Balance Protection Plan.” The monthly benefit is equivalent to 5% of the total card debt on the day you lost your employment. This plan also covers the credit card debt (up to $20,000).  Finally, this card includes also an “Extended Guarantee Plan”. It doubles the retailer’s warranty on all purchases made with the card for up to two years. This plan is available for $3.99 per month + tax.

Benefits of the Walmart Reward  World Mastercard

The first benefit with this card is that the cardholder is protected against merchandise theft, loss, or damage with “Purchase Protection.” This deal is only good for the first 90 days after you buy it. An “Extended Warranty Plan,” similar to the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, is also available. The only change is that instead of two years, the guarantee is extended for a maximum of one year.

Should you get the Walmart Mastercard credit cards?

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard is an excellent choice for anybody seeking to earn a competitive 1% cashback on daily purchases. The good news is that you’ll earn 1% (minimum) no matter where you spend your money, and while the rewards can only be spent at Walmart, they never expire. The lack of insurance coverage (apart from the extended warranty and purchase protection) is a major drawback of this card, adding to the fact that the rewards program is only accessible at Walmart, which is inconvenient if you choose to shop elsewhere.

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