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VEQT Review: A Look at the Vanguard All-Equity ETF Portfolio

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Launched in 2019, the Vanguard All-Equity ETF Portfolio (TSX:VEQT) is perfect for those investors seeking to invest in a globally diversified assortment of equities. This all-in-one ETF has 100% equity holdings and is considered the most assertive. The VEQT bucket holds many other Vanguard Equity ETFs that help in long-term capital growth by allocating money in equity securities.

Apart from VEQT, Vanguard Canada also has other ETFs such as Vanguard Balanced ETF Portfolio (VBAL), Vanguard Growth ETF Portfolio (VGRO), Vanguard Conservative ETF Portfolio (VCNS), and Vanguard Conservative Income ETF Portfolio (VCIP).

Some of the Key Features of VEQT

  • Inception: 29 Jan 2019
  • Category: Canada Fund Global Equity
  • Net assets: $570 million
  • MER: 0.25%
  • Listing currency: CAD
  • Earnings Growth Rate: 12.0%
  • Dividend Schedule: Annually
  • Eligibility: RRSP, RRIF, RESP, TFSA, DPSP, RDSP

Benefits of holding a Vanguard All-Equity ETF

  1. Globally diversified portfolio: VEQT is composed of a few distinctive Vanguard ETFs and intended to give overall diversification. It allocates 100% in equity assets. The asset allocation is from around the world, including the developing business sectors.
  2. Low management fees: The VEQT Management Expense Ratio (MER) is 0.25%. Considering that mutual funds charge more than 2%, it’s obvious why so many Canadians are picking ETFs over other funds.
  3. Low entry barrier: Investors can buy ETFs by utilizing a discount brokerage account.
  4. Hands-free portfolio management: Managing a VEQT portfolio isn’t troublesome. One doesn’t need to stress over re-adjusting target portions when they put away new capital, and it works for their long-term retirement account.
  5. Accumulation of different risk profiles: Rather than leave financial investors to struggle during wild swings of the market, VEQT is a culmination of single-ticket funds that give a portfolio built of uncorrelated fixed income and values to experience potential gain as well as security during a downfall.

The downside of holding a VEQT ETF:

Though there are hardly any cons if your purchase the VEQT ETF, but you need to know that:

  1. 100% in equity can mean greater instability.
  2. VEQT incurs marginally more expenses over the long haul as compared to the multi-ETFs approach such as the VCN and XAW.
  3. There may be a marginally less expensive all-in-one ETF accessible.

How can you buy Vanguard VEQT?

There are several ways to buy the Vanguard VEQT ETF including via discount brokers such as the ones mentioned below.

1. Questrade – Questrade is Canada’s biggest and quickest developing free online trading medium. It isn’t only for seasoned financial investors, but new financial investors will also find the medium to be easy to understand. They can likewise use Questrade’s managed investment services called Questwealth Portfolios. One of the medium’s principal attractions is the assortment of investments you can purchase and sell here. These are also accessible to purchase at a lower cost contrasted with large banks’ customary brokerages.

Questrade is accessible by means of a web interface on your PC, tablet, or cell phone. They also have a portable application and their brokerage platform is extremely user-friendly and offers admittance to continuous stock statements, various other funds, including options.

2. Wealthsimple Trade – While the application isn’t as flexible or friendly as Robinhood or Questrade and has a few inadequacies, Wealthsimple Trade follows through on no-base and zero-commission ETFs for DIY financial investors. Wealthsimple is an online advanced speculation service that digitizes the investing process so that anybody can put their money into an expertly overseen minimal effort portfolio without requiring expert knowledge or loaded cash.

Wealthsimple Trade is accessible as a portable application. In July 2020, the organization presented its Wealthsimple Crypto service, which permits you to purchase and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum utilizing the Trade application.

Who should buy VEQT in Canada?

You are ready to create a Vanguard All-Equity ETF portfolio if:

  1. You need an all-in-one venture portfolio that gives you access to the world.
  2. You do not prefer to invest your resources in rebalancing your investments.
  3. You comprehend the dangers implied with buying a 100% equity fund and are utilizing it to blend with your combined investment system.
  4. If you need 100% access to equities and have an extremely high-risk resilience, you can think about buying VEQT for your portfolio. Or on the other hand, you can join it with another fixed-pay ETF to adjust your risk profile.


Even though VEQT is a newly introduced type of ETF, the asset has performed moderately well since its origin in 2019. On the off chance that you can handle risk and instability, VEQT is an incredible all-value ETF for both amateur and experienced financial investors. Consider both pros and cons while picking an all-value ETF to buy. What’s most fascinating about VEQT is its effortlessness! By holding one ETF, you get instant resource class expansion and geological diversification. There could be nothing more straightforward than this.

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