Looking for REIT dividends? SmartCentres REIT, NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT, H&R REIT are the three REIT with over 5% dividend yield.

reit dividends

Industrial REITs are a popular investment option that has grown tremendously in the last few years, and it has the potential for future growth.

industrial reit

If you are looking for REITs with attractive monthly yields, you can look at these three REITs.


Before choosing a stock to invest in, investors study and analyze a lot of metrics to make the correct choice like the P/E ratio, Price-to-Book Value, etc. Among these metrics, there are two metrics that help investors to determine the size and value of a company. Understanding the size of a company can help you […]

Before filing your returns, don’t forget to add your CERB benefits. Read on to find out how much tax you need to pay on CERB benefits.