Common Stock Market Myths Busted!

The stock market is a great place to build wealth over-time. With proper knowledge and understanding, it becomes fairly easy to make profits and mitigate losses. However, many in developed countries also refrain from investing in stock due to the common myths about the market.  Unless you try to understand and actually start investing, it […]

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Understanding Kinaxis And How Does It Make Money?

Kinaxis is capitalizing on the supply chain management business. Most successful enterprises know that it is very important to efficiently manage the flow of their goods and services. An operational error can not only harm a company’s internal health but also damage its reputation. With time, businesses have realized that they need to adopt a […]


Docebo: Business Leader in Cloud LMS

Business enterprises are turning towards digital or online alternatives. This calls for the need for an agile and modern learning platform to promote and enable an engaging learning experience. Even for modern-day businesses, it is important that their employees and customers have a working knowledge about the business. This helps the business to grow and […]


How does Lightspeed POS make money?

One company from the fintech space that has caught everyone’s attention and is quite a buzz among investors is Lightspeed POS. Lightspeed POS is a cloud-based tech firm that empowers small and medium-sized business owners. Montreal-based Lightspeed’s CEO and founder, Dax DaSilva founded the company in 2005. The aim was to provide the ‘Apple Store […]


An Overview Of Shopify And How It makes money?

Before diving into the fintech company Shopify, lets us start with the basics. When was the last time you ordered something online? Is it today or was it just a few days ago? Many customers prefer online shopping, and the number of customers shopping online will increase in the future. To keep up with the […]