TFSA: Types Of Investments That Are Allowed

TFSA or Tax-Free Savings Account is among the most popular and convenient investing accounts available for the citizens of Canada. It was introduced in 2009 and anyone above the age of 18 with a valid social security number can save money tax-free in this account.  The perks of holding a TFSA is that any contributions […]


SPAC 101: Understanding SPAC Stocks

SPAC or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies have been around for almost a decade now. The year 2020 was a big hit for Special Purpose Acquisitions Companies. Investopedia claims that at the beginning of August, more than 50 SPACs were formed in the U.S. These SPAC’s raised around $21.5 billion.   Basics of SPAC A SPAC […]


The Bitcoin Boom: Price Rise in 2020

The concept of Bitcoin came after the financial crisis of 2008. Since then the cryptocurrency has grown at a tremendous rate. Although bitcoin is still an extremely volatile investment, they have a very unique price trend.  Bitcoin: Journey up to 2020 Satoshi Nakamoto designed bitcoin for use as a medium for daily transactions, says Investopedia. It can […]


The year 2020 witnessed a lot of change in almost every industry and field as the COVID-19 pandemic spread like wildfire across the world. While tech sector and cryptocurrency were booming, small businesses and tourism industries faced a tough time. Additionally, we can also see changes in investing behavior and choices of many individuals.  The […]

Lightspeed Earnings: Three Takeaways

Lightspeed POS is a provider of cloud-based software solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. The company offers a robust cloud-solution that can help retailers in managing sales, customers, inventory, and employees at various stores. Along with a rich feature set, the software is also fast. Lightspeed POS has customers from various retail sectors, medium-sized businesses. […]