Understanding a Reverse Stock Split

Stock splits or Forward Stock Split are good news for investors as the company decides to increase the number of shares increasing the number of shares owned by each investor. And on the other hand is reverse stock split. A reverse stock split is the management’s decision to reduce or merge the existing number of […]

Remember this During A Stock Market Correction

What are the two words that most investors fear? It is a market crash. A stock market crash is a sudden drop in stock prices and it is not defined by any percentage drop. Many stock market investors use market crash and market correction interchangeably. However, there is a difference.    Stock market correction takes place when […]


The Government of Canada is maximizing financial support to individuals and businesses. These steps aim to overcome the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic and stabilize the economy. For small and large businesses, certain provisions for employers enable them to apply for loans and get funds quickly. If you fit the eligibility criteria of the […]


COVID-19 Benefits for Businesses in Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected many individuals and their businesses, as they could not carry out their regular work because of the lockdown. To help individuals and businesses affected by the coronavirus, the Government of Canada came up with several benefits for individuals and businesses. Citizens of different nations faced financial problems after the […]


What will be your answer if someone asks you ‘what is fintech?’ If you said online payment apps, then this article is for you.     Fin-tech is the bridge between finance and technology industries. As the word suggests, it is a mix of finance and technology. This sector includes companies that apply technological innovations to […]