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Docebo: Business Leader in Cloud LMS


Business enterprises are turning towards digital or online alternatives. This calls for the need for an agile and modern learning platform to promote and enable an engaging learning experience. Even for modern-day businesses, it is important that their employees and customers have a working knowledge about the business. This helps the business to grow and adapt to the changing times faster. Businesses can conveniently form a link between online learning to business performance.

Docebo is a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) business. It aims to make companies, customers, and employees fall in love with their learning experience. Docebo Learning Platform, a well-established company, and companies in over 90 different countries have put their faith in Docebo.
Founded by Claudio Erba in 2005, it was initially created to provide a storage solution to teaching material. It later evolved into what is now Docebo. The company successfully launched its IPO in the Toronto Stock Exchange TSX in 2019.

Business Model

Docebo’s mission is to re-imagine the way companies learn by applying technology to the traditional Learning Management System (LMS). Docebo offers several products like LMS, Docebo Mobile App Publisher, Docebo Content. Its solutions include customer training, partner training, employee onboarding, sales enablement, employee development, and compliance training. These offerings are available on a monthly subscription basis with free-trial and it is available in 40 different languages.

Companies across multiple sectors can easily use Docebo LMS. Through this platform, companies create a username and password for employees and track their progress. It has a scalable pricing model, offering custom quotes depending on the size of the company and the number of users.

According to eLearningIndustry, organizations around the world are using Docebo to connect learning and development to business outcomes through impactful on boarding and employee development programs, revenue-generating sales training and effective customer training.

The platform also offers Docebo Content that gives users access to uninterrupted and impactful e-learning content. The content is accessible through computers and mobile devices and can be saved for offline use.

Q3 2020 update

With the company’s focus on increasing sales reach, expanding customer relations and broadening the products offered, Q3 2020 has been fairly positive. It reported 54% YOY growth in the subscription revenue with 2,025 customers up from 1,632 customers in Q3 2019. The company also reported a strong 55% YOY in Annual Recurring Revenue. It also signed several customer expansion agreements, including a new customer agreement with Amazon Web Services to power its training and certification products across the globe.
Docebo is a company to look out for as it is an industry leader in cloud LMS, and it has the potential to make further strides in the corporate learning and development industry through their many offerings and flexible packages.

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