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Tax Credits

With all the rules and taxes surrounding land purchases, it may be difficult to know exactly how much you have to pay. Let us simplify that for you. Every province except Alberta and Saskatchewan has a land transfer tax or LTT. In most cases, the tax is calculated based on property value, with the asking […]

Land Transfer Tax

The GST/HST refundable tax credit is described as a non-taxable sum sent to low- or modest-income people or families to offset all – or a portion – of their GST and HST tax payments, according to the Government of Canada website. Every year, this credit payment is made four times; January 5, 2021, April 1, […]


Learn all you can about the GST/HST credit payment dates for 2022. What are the eligibility requirements and what are the GST income thresholds?


Before filing your returns, don’t forget to add your CERB benefits. Read on to find out how much tax you need to pay on CERB benefits.