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3 Best Reasons to Use a Credit Card

Why use credit cards when other payment options, like debit cards and cash, are available that can help you stay within your budget? We all know that credit cards encourage users to spend money they don’t have—especially when enticing offers are available in the mail. However, when used responsibly, credit cards are fantastic for your […]

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If you reside in North America, there’s a good chance you’ve been to Walmart, whether you like it or not. The store’s prominence and the range of products it offers are evident in any case. It’s hardly surprising that the store provides credit cards aimed at its most devoted customers. But is it worth it? […]

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Canadian Tire is one of the country’s oldest and largest department store chains. It was also one of the first to introduce a shop loyalty program, launching Canadian Tire Money in 1958. The Canadian Tire Money loyalty program has improved over the last six decades. Starting from paper bills to a fully digitalized program was […]

Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

You’ve undoubtedly been approached with a Costco Cash Back Mastercard offer. Is it, however, truly worthwhile? Let’s take a look to see if this credit card is worth your money. *Note that Costco and Capital One’s agreement will end in September 2021.* Key facts about this card: Annual fees: 0$ Annual interest rate: 19.75% Type […]

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5 Best Cash Back Credit Cards for Canadians

Are you looking for a simple way to earn money while doing your everyday purchases? Then a cashback credit card might be the right option for you! There are hundreds of cash-back credit cards on the market. We have gathered the five best based on different aspects. The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite This card provides […]

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