All You Need to Know About the Canada Pension Plan

The Chief Executive Officer of CPP Investments, John Graham, said that the pension fund’s portfolio value stood at $497.2 billion at the end of fiscal 2021. The figure indicates an increase of $86.7 billion from fiscal 2020 and the highest return in the last 5 years. So, what will each Canadian pensioner get, and what are the […]


On 31st December 1997, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) took the first step towards investing pension for Canadians. Twenty-three years later, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is among the largest pension plan investors in the world. The fund is managing $497.2 billion in assets as of March 2021. Pensions affect all workers and employers in […]


CPP: What is the Canada Pension Plan?

The Canada Pension Plan is a monthly income retirement plan that provides retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to contributors and their families. This retirement plan is funded by Canadian employees as well as employers. To qualify for this retirement plan you: • must be at least 60 years old • must have made at least […]

Canada Pension Plan

When Is the Best Time to Claim Your CPP?

The age to claim your CPP benefits will depend on various factors so compare the different positives and negatives. Read on to find out more.


Where does the CPPIB invest your CPP contributions?