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All You Need to Know About Canada’s Top Exchange Traded Funds

What is the XIU ETF? The iShares S&P 500/TSX ETF (TSX:XIU) is professionally managed by Blackrock. The exchange-traded fund is a medium-risk investment opportunity that offers investors seeking long-term capital growth. It gives you exposure to blue-chip Canadian companies while providing investors with a forward yield of 2.62%. The XIU ETF is one of Canada’s […]


Investing in ETFs will not only strengthen your portfolio and increase your returns, but it will also help your assets grow quicker. In Canada, a variety of ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are popular. Vanguard’s VFV and Vanguard’s VGRO are two of them. Both are top-of-the-line items but which is the best to buy right now? What […]

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Many Canadians expected cannabis stocks to skyrocket in value, especially after recreational marijuana was legalized in the country in 2018. The reality was that cannabis companies have underperformed the market over the past years. A wide number of challenges have subsequently impacted their performance, some include shrinking profit margins, decreasing demand, and, most recently, the […]

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Since there are so many platforms in Canada, Canadian investors have a tough situation deciding which stockbroker to select. This article will help you select the perfect brokerage for you between Questrade and Disnat! Disnat What is Disnat? Disnat (Desjardins’s online brokerage) is a self-directed trading platform that allows investors to trade stocks, ETFs, options, […]


The Vanguard Equity Index Group has continually created assets for Canadian investors to make hands-free passive income. The VEQT (Vanguard All Equity ETF Portfolio) and VGRO (Vanguard Growth ETF Portfolio) are all-in-one ETFs (exchange-traded funds)offered by Vanguard. As you know, through ETFs, you own a small piece of several companies at once, thus eliminating the high risk […]