Questrade is one of Canada’s fastest-growing brokerages with over $24 billion in assets under management. According to its website, Questrade opens approximately 200,000 new accounts on an annual basis. Questrade has been around for more than two decades and was one of the pioneers among Canada’s online discount brokerages. It was arguably the first to […]


Successful financial planning involves making wise investment decisions according to your financial situation and goals. As you begin to think about investments for 2021, it is important to be aware of how TFSAs and RRSPs can benefit you. Both these investment instruments can help you save on tax, but they work in different ways. In […]


The stock market fluctuates day-to-day and even from month to month, making it essential to strategize well before jumping in and joining the bandwagon.  The bottom line, as an investor, is to make money and increase your wealth. It is all quite complicated out there with multiple options that look lucrative. There are growth stocks, […]

Dividend Investing

Finding the best investment option as per your financial goals can be confusing. The sheer number of options available makes it difficult to make a choice. When picking an investment product, it’s advisable to keep your portfolio diversified and an eye on your financial objectives.  Here we discuss a great investment option for you, the […]

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RESP 101 – What is it, and How it Works?

The vertiginous rise in the education cost every passing year has been a significant cause of concern. Instead of letting it bog down your plans regarding how you want your child’s future to shape, you need to be proactive and find ways to meet adversity in a more prepared manner. One of the best ways […]