S&P 500 index fund is one of the best options for passive investors as it offers diversification, lower risk and pocket-friendly investment options.

S&P 500

Retirees: Should You Invest in GICs?

So, if you are retired, check out these features of Guaranteed Investment Certificate before investing in GIC. The key is not to go overboard.


While the latest quarterly result may shed a positive light on the company, you need to focus on different aspects before taking an investment call on ACB stock.

ACB stock

Can GICs Beat the Inflation Rate?

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is a safe investment option as it offers a fixed interest rate, irrespective of the market conditions. However, it does not beat inflation rate.

Can GICs beat inflation rate_

Looking for REIT dividends? SmartCentres REIT, NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT, H&R REIT are the three REIT with over 5% dividend yield.

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