Initial Public Offer: The Path to an IPO

At some point you have probably heard that a company is going public but what exactly does that mean and what is the process like? We will answer those questions and more by looking at Unicron Inc, a privately held fintech company we have made up as an example. An initial public offering or IPO […]


Before choosing a stock to invest in, investors study and analyze a lot of metrics to make the correct choice like the P/E ratio, Price-to-Book Value, etc. Among these metrics, there are two metrics that help investors to determine the size and value of a company. Understanding the size of a company can help you […]

6 Financial Lessons from the Year 2020

Read on to know about the six financial lessons that the pandemic taught us. Implement these lessons to cultivate good money habits.

financial lessons from pandemic

Real Estate or REITs, precious metals and P2P Lending are three ways to build wealth if equity investments isn’t your thing.

Which One to Buy: Stocks or Index Funds?

4 mins read

While investing in individual stocks can help you beat the market, it is advisable to invest passively via an ETF.