For you to have a balanced investment portfolio, you consider high, medium, and low-risk assets. That way, you have a stream of consistent income throughout the year. That’s the modus operandi of intelligent investors. Now, one of the low-risk assets at your disposal as a Canadian is GICs or guaranteed income certificates. Various institutions across Canada sell them […]


According to a research report by the Canadian Bankers Association, there are 76.2 million Visa and Mastercard cards in circulation in Canada. The number is higher than the total population of the country, which means technically everybody in Canada owns at least one card. Furthermore, the research shows that more than 75% of credit card owners in […]

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In 2019, JD Power gave Disnat (Desjardins online brokerage) the pole position in the customer satisfaction category. Hence it joined the ranks of the best Canadian stock brokers in 2021. Disnat trading platform is ideal for both beginners and experienced traders. Further, if you’re between the age of 18-30, you will enjoy some incentives created to motivate […]

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There are several ETFs or exchange traded funds that are popular in Canada. Two such ETFs are BlackRock’s XGRO ETF and Vanguard’s VGRO ETF. Both are top-shelf products, with a lot in common and a few differences. Now that you’ve read Learning Bull’s XGRO ETF review, here is all you need to know about the […]

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When you want to spread your risks/reward across a diversified investment portfolio, then your best buy is an exchange-traded fund (ETF). The iShares XGRO Core Growth ETF is one of the funds Canadian investors love and for good reason. What is the XGRO ETF BlackRock Asset Management Canada created the XGRO ETF in 2007 as […]